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When I was a child I always wanted to have Lego and I always wanted to visit Legoland.I and my nephew we spent long hours building interstellar spaceships just to smash them in a battle.  Building blocks were literally flying all around the room when we were hitting ships one into another until they didn't resemble any spaceship at all. The winner interstellar spaceship still should be able "to fly".I remember that once there was nothing left from the ship but one single building block. My nephew kept attacking me with it saying it is a battle lifesaving capsule.  

It was beautiful day for a day trip to Legoland. Of course the place is full of exited, laughing children and their parents pretending they came here just because of their kids:-) There are a few big tables with thousands of building blocks.  You can sit there and build whatever you want - for instance spaceship:-) Some of the rides in the funfair area were designed for adults only some for bout kids and their guardians. Sometimes you have to queue for an hour or so for a single ride but it's worth it.Legoland is not the cheapest place to go but if you book your ticket in advance or do little research on line for some promotions you'll save a lot of money.

Yet another childhood dream came true.

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St Michael's Mount - Cornwall

St Michael's Mount is a small tidal island in Cornwall. When a tide is low it reveals a passage connecting main land with the island.  It was such an adventure crossing the sea when the water still was covering the path. I thought that the sea is going to be freezing cold but to my surprise it was fairly warm. Believe me or not I wasn't the only one who decided to cross the sea. Whole families were crossing it - including family's pets. Fathers were carrying the little ones. Mothers were pushing baby buggies. All this commotion looked a bit funny.  The island is small but it's very nice. There is a castle on top of the mount so when I reached the island I decided to climb up. Some family still lives in the castle (lucky them) so there isn't access to all of it but from the part available for visitors the view is just spectacular.

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