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St Michael's Mount - Cornwall

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St Michael's Mount is a small tidal island in Cornwall. When a tide is low it reveals a passage connecting main land with the island.  It was such an adventure crossing the sea when the water still was covering the path. I thought that the sea is going to be freezing cold but to my surprise it was fairly warm. Believe me or not I wasn't the only one who decided to cross the sea. Whole families were crossing it - including family's pets. Fathers were carrying the little ones. Mothers were pushing baby buggies. All this commotion looked a bit funny.  The island is small but it's very nice. There is a castle on top of the mount so when I reached the island I decided to climb up. Some family still lives in the castle (lucky them) so there isn't access to all of it but from the part available for visitors the view is just spectacular.

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